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Crying soul > Цитатник пользователя

воскресенье, 2 сентября 2012 г.
Life - a game of higher powers Stacy Gilbert 


Welcome to my blog
My name is Anastasia I am 13 years old
I feel that girls generally are always worried about the same things, and it is - everything related appearance. It will always be there. When you get older, you become more confident about who you are.
I always knew I wanted to be a singer and I knew that meant sacrificing some things for my dream. When I'm home, I hang out with my friends and go to the dance, so I'm trying to take part in some activities that I miss.
Lucy Hale

I quietly and selflessly suffered when the film's director refused to meet with me. I'm just working and hoping that I'll get everything. "
"In this life you need to know is that you do not know. And that Santa Claus exists, well, or someone like him. "
"Nonsense, that girls do not understand the math, but that's really an actress in it are weak."
"I honestly tried to balance school, work and love. And I almost went crazy. "
"I was always afraid that a real man I'm not going this woman, but it turned out nothing was afraid."
"The worst thing that can make the actress - is to let the erotic video with her in the lead role was in the internet. The second highest level of nightmarish - out into the light in a transparent dress ... "
"I'm very pale. Paler me only in Hollywood Rose McGowan. "
Anne Hathavay­fanclubs/victoria-da­wn-justice/tribune/2­35432

Мои модели:Luce Hale,Ann Hatheway,Victoria Justice.

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Crying soul > Цитатник пользователя

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